Athletic Department Philosophy

An athletic philosophy is based upon a belief in Excellence in Athletics, Academics, the School and the Community.

The athletic program is an integral part of the total school educational program, more appropriately called Educational Athletics. The important point is for the student-athletes, the coaches, administrators and community to realize the student-athletes are to be students first and athletes second.

The Educational Athletic Program must NOT be judged on wins and losses. Athletics is a privilege requiring an understanding of obligations and responsibilities to that end. All Harper Creek students, regardless of race, sex, abilities, etc., are invited to become involved in the Harper Creek Athletic Program, and will receive the opportunity to participate in school sponsored programs. Each student/athlete will have the opportunity to improve through proper training-physically, psychologically and socially.

The Educational Athletic Program helps the student body to develop a meaning of school morale, leadership, good sportsmanship, improvement of the quality of fair play, courtesy and citizenship. All of these are important, especially sportsmanship. If we practice good sportsmanship, win or lose, and respect others, the quality of the game improves and we improve as human beings.

The community receives through an Educational Athletic Program, the opportunity to be involved, and view the need to have athletics as an integral part of the school. To attain this philosophy, all administrators, coaches, student-athletes, family members and spectators must be positive role models in their attitudes, conduct, and enthusiasm for the program and their sport, making the athletic experience an enjoyable and rewarding one for all involved. All members of the athletic program should always be striving to involve ALL of the student-athletes in every way possible in the Harper Creek Educational Athletic Program.